Tribeca Chimi Sliders    Kobe patty served on crispy fried green plantain, pickled cabbage slaw with our garlic mayo and Tribeca special sauce.   13

Pulpo a la Brisas    Tender Octopus char grilled served with fried Yuca tossed in Chimichurri sauce.   18

Mofonguitos del Valle    Fried mashed plantains,  mashed garlic, and small pieces of fried crunchy pork... these mini mofongos are topped with shredded chicken, our 5 cheese sauce, and smoked black beans sauce.  (3)     15

Canastas de Churrasco  Fried mashed plantain bowl filled with grilled churrasco bites and pico de gallo.   (3)     13 

Canastas de Camarones  Fried mashed plantain bowl filled with shrimp a la criolla   (3)     13

Kobe Sliders    Kobe beef on a buttered potato bun with crispy onions, aged cheddar, and smoked BBQ sauce.  (3)   11

Camarones Tropical    Tossed garlic jumbo shrimp served over golden fried tostones (4).   12



Chicharron Tribeca    Fried pork belly, served with Yuca fries.   13


Asian Calamari     Fried Calamari, lightly breaded and dipped in a passion and chili thai glazed.    13

Empanadas de Yuca    Yuca patty filled with your choice chicken, beef, or cheese.   9 

Picadera Tipica for 2    Chicken bites, pork bites, tostones, fried cheese, fried salami, yuca fries.   25

(Picadera for 4 $45)


Picadera de Mariscos    Grilled Salmon, grilled octopus, Sauteed Shrimp, colored peppers. Served with Yuca and Tostones. 45


Arroz Chaufa    Asian style wok fried rice with chicken, sweet plantain, tri-colored peppers and onions topped with scrambled eggs, cilantro.    16

Add Shrimp $4 Add Steak $4



Ropa Vieja    Succulent Beef shredded and slowly braised in a plum tomato sauce with capers, olives and peppers. Served with moro rice and Maduros.    14



Churrasco al Gallo    Grilled Churrasco over a bed of tostones and fresh pico de gallo.   25


Caribbean Oxtail    Our Chef's specialty slow braised for four hours in red wine, herbs and spices served with yuca or platano mofongo.... or 2 sides: white rice, moro, red beans, sweet plantains, tostones, green salad, sauteed vegetables, french fries   25


El Argentino    Marinated steak grilled to perfection served with moro style rice, sweet plantains and our special red wine Chimichurri sauce.   25

House Special Tomahawk Steak    2-3 Lbs of grilled bone-in Ribeye. Served with your choice of two sides.    60


El Chuleton    Thick cut marinated pork chop grilled perfectly and served with parmesan Yuca fries and sauteed veggies.    20


Pollo a la Plancha    All natural, hormone-free tender marinated chicken breast served with your choice of 2 sides.   13

Mofongo    This delight is made with fried mashed green plantains, mashed garlic and small pieces of fried crunchy pork.

Yuca or Platano.   13 

Chicken $15   Cerdo con wasakaka $15 Camarones $18


Masitas de Cerdo    Juicy and crispy pork chunks served with Wasakaka mojo and your choice of white rice, french fries, tostones or yuca fries.   12



Masitas de Pollo    Tender and golden chicken chunks served with Wasakaka mojo and your choice of white rice, french fries, tostones or yuca fries. .   12

Plantain Crusted Salmon    Perfectly cooked salmon in a sweet teriyaki glaze on a bed of sauteed vegetables crusted with plantain.   20

Shrimp a la Mamajuana    Jumbo shrimp flambeed in our caribbean root rum & spices served with cilantro lime rice and sauteed veggies.   19

Ceviche Tribeca     Fresh salmon, leche de tigre, made with locally grown artichokes and jumbo shrimp. Served with tostones, avocado, zuchini and carrots.     22 

Pescado Samana    Fried whole snapper with green plantain mofongo with a mojo sauce.   25

Pargo a la Criolla    Fire roasted snapper fillet in our house creole sauce. Served over a bed of veggies and yuca mash.    21

Ultimate Quesadilla    Three cheese quesadillas filled with grilled onions and peppers.

Chicken 13  |  Shrimp 16  | Steak  16 | 

Shrimp Mac & Cheese    Baked cavatappi pasta tossed in our white five cheese sauce then mixed with out succulent shrimp.  18

Specialty Burgers

La Americana Burger    Kobe beef on a potato bun served with ultimate crunch fries.   15


Avocado Smash Burger    Fresh Avocado mayo, spring mix, red onions, plum tomatoes and aged Vermont cheddar on a buttered toasted brioche bun.     16

El Chimi Burger   Kobe beef, tomatoes, purple cabbage and onions on a buttered and toasted roll with our special sauce.    15


  • Parmesan French Fries   5

  • Jasmine White Rice   4

  • Yellow Rice   4

  • Mofongo Plantain   7

  • Mofongo Yuca   7

  • Parmesan yuca fries  5

  • Cheesy mashed yuca   6

  • Sweet Plantain   3

  • Cilantro lime rice   4

  • Sauteed Vegetables   4

  • Tostones   4

  • Moro rice   4

  • French fries   5

  • Avocado 4

Kids Menu

Home Style Chicken Tenders   7  

Choice of rice, fries, mixed vegetables.

White Mac & Cheese   7

Cheeseburger Sliders   9

​Served with crunchy fries.


Soups & Salads


Hearty soup stew with mix vegetables, beef, and pork.    14



Home-made vegetable broth with chicken, herbs and noodles.   12



Home-made vegetable broth with shrimp, herbs and noodles.   14


Purple and green cabbage, carrots and mixed greens with tomatoes and read onion with herb vinaigrette.   10

Add Chicken  2            Shrimp  4         Avocado  3


With bacon and lemon Dijon vinaigrette grape tomatoes.   13

Add: Shrimp  4           Avocado  3


A southern classic, fresh mixed greens tossed with smoked sweet corn, black beans and topped with avocado.    12

Add : Chicken  2          Shrimp  4         Avocado  3


Grilled steak with caramelized onions, grape tomatoes, carrots, parmesan cheese with a house vinaigrette.    15   

Add Avocado  3




Bread pudding with golden raisins almonds. Served with French vanilla bean ice cream and chicha cream.   9



Silky and creamy custard topped with caramel and coconut flakes.   6